James J. O'Donnell, Vice-Provost/Computing, University of Pennsylvania. O'Donnell is Professor of Classical Studies and has gained national recognition for his innovative use of information technology in teaching and research initiating the first "virtual classroom" at Penn with a graduate-level Latin seminar on the philosopher Boethius.


Stephen G. Nichols, Chair, French Department, The Johns Hopkins University. Nichols is recognized as a leader in the field of medieval studies and especially as an innovator of new methods for studying the Middle Ages spearheading the multi-disciplinary method known as The New Medievalism.

Sylvia Huot, Cambridge University. Huot is the leading expert on the manuscripts of Roman de la Rose and has published extensively on its iconography.

Kevin Brownlee, University of Pennsylvania. Brownlee is one of the leading senior medievalists in the United States. He has done extensive research on Roman de la Rose particularly in its relations with Dante and with later French writers such as Guillaume de Machaut and Christine de Pizan.

Michel Zink, Collège de France. Zink is the leading medieval French literature scholar in France and has published important works on Roman de la Rose.

Lori Walters, Florida State Univeristy. Walters studies and writes on the iconography of Roman de la Rose.

Olivier Collet, Université de Genève. Collet studies medieval Latin and has received funding to digitize important medieval manuscripts in Geneva.

Manuscripts Curators

William Noel, Curator of Manuscripts and Rare Books, The Walters Art Gallery.

Marianna S. Simpson, Chief Curator, The Walters Art Gallery.

William Voelkle, Curator of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Pierpont Morgan Library.

Susan L'Engle, Curatorial Assistant, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Pierpont Morgan Library.

Consuelo W. Dutschke, Curator of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Columbia University. Dutschke is project manager for the Digital Scriptorium a joint project with University of California, Berkeley to digitize and mount on the web with appropriate metadata 8,000-10,000 images of medieval manuscripts.

Technical Specialists

Fred Mintzer, Manager, Image Library Applications, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Mintzer has led the IBM projects devoted to developing high-quality image technologies for digital library applications, including color-accurate scanning and image enhancement, compression and display. He has worked on the digital manuscripts projects for the Vatican Library and at Lutherhalle Wittenberg.

Bernard Cerquiglini, Director, Institute for the French Language and founder and co-director of Philectre project. Philectre is a research group funded by the National Center for Scientific Research in France to develop software for manipulating digital images.

Jean-Louis Lebrave, Institute for Modern French Manuscripts and co-director of the Philectre project. Lebrave is an expert on modern French literary manuscripts and the Institute is a research group responsible for deciphering and preserving manuscripts of modern French literature.

Eric Lecolinet, Ecole National Superieure des Telecommunications. Lecolinet has been working on the Philectre project.

Metadata Specialists

Laurence S. Creider, Head, Original Cataloging Department, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania. Creider is one of the participants of the Mellon funded Electronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts project and has been developing the MARC guidelines for cataloging medieval manuscripts.

Daniel Pitti, Project Director, Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia. For the past 5 years Pitti has lead an effort to develop an encoding standard for library and archival finding aids known as Encoded Archival Description (EAD) in the form of a Standard Generalized Markup Language Document Type Definition (SGML DTD).

Elizabeth O'Keefe, Director of Information Services, Pierpont Morgan Library.

Eisenhower Library staff

Cynthia Requardt, Kurrelmeyer Curator of Special Collections. Project Director.

Sayeed Choudhury, Head, Digital Knowledge Center.

Dawn Hale, Head, Cataloging Department.

Elizabeth Brown, Coordinator for Development of Bibliographic Control.

Thomas Izbicki, Resource Services Librarian.

Jeanne Drewes, Head, Preservation Department.